Asset Poverty in Nigeria by States

According to a Nigeria Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) report from 2022, 72% of households in Nigeria are deprived in the ownership of assets. This means that they lack access to basic necessities such as adequate housing, and clean water. The report also highlighted that certain states have higher levels of asset poverty than others.

Benue State recorded the highest share of asset poverty at 95%, followed by Bayelsa at 93%, Cross River at 92%, and Taraba at 90%. On the other hand, Lagos had the least share of asset poverty at 42%, followed by Ogun at 53% and Anambra at 61%.

The report also broke down the asset poverty levels by region. The South West fared the best with 61% deprived, followed by both the South-East and North West regions with an average of 76%, while both the North-Central region  and the North-East region had an average of 80%, and the South-South region faring the worst with an average of 86%.

It's important to note that asset poverty is just one aspect of poverty and it's important to look at other indicators such as income and education to get a more comprehensive understanding of poverty in Nigeria. It's also important to note that the reported data may be subject to change and it's always recommendable to cross-reference with other sources.

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